The Murder of Michelle O’Keefe: The Girl With The Blue Mustang

Michelle O'Keefe: The Girl With The Blue Mustang
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michelle o'keefe girl blue mustangOn February 22, 2000, Michelle O’Keefe, 18, a popular college freshman was found shot dead in her brand new blue Mustang, in a Palmdale parking lot in Southern California. A beautiful and much loved young woman, gone. Why?

Police had few clues, no fingerprints and nobody in her life to point to for leads. Then some unexpected events occurred which would turn the investigation into a long-running and traumatic 10-year roller-coaster for Michelle’s devastated family.

Suspicion was quickly directed at the first person to call 911. Car-park attendant Raymond Lee Jennings.  Why did authorities have a problem with his manner? Was it the way he spoke or behaved?

One of the most moving episodes of Dateline.  Presented by Keith Morrison, this is about a happy 18-year-old aspiring actor who left home in her brand new Mustang, never to return.  Raymond Lee Jennings, the car park security guard would face questioning and suspicion from day one, and the case would drag on for years….

On the day of her death, Michelle O’Keefe, a college freshman, was in high spirits. Her early morning college class was over. Michelle had been offered another film gig in Los Angeles a walk-on role in a music video with Kid Rock, due to take place that afternoon. She set off via Antelope Valley north of Los Angeles. She had less than 12 hours to live.In 2010, Raymond Lee Jennings, the car-park security guard was convicted of the murder of Michelle O’keefe and sentenced to 40-years.  This took place 10-years after the fateful night he dialed 911 and reported the discovery of a body to police. Many supporters believe Jennings, an army veteran is not guilty and are campaigning for his release.  An appeal is currently underway.


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