Stan Romanek, UFO Enthusiast, Arrested on Indecent Image Allegations

stan romanek mugshot

Stan Romanek mugshot

Colorado Police have arrested a well known UFO enthusiast and reality TV star on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and indecent image possession.

Stan Romanek, 51, of Loveland Colorado has been the subject of a police investigation for almost a year.

In a press release published by Huff Post, the Loveland Police Department stated that Homeland Security provided a number of tips that resulted in an investigation and subsequent arrest of Stan Romanek for  “the online sharing and possession of ch-ld p-rnography.” The police release (seen below) also states that part of the charges against Romanek “relates to the possession of more than 20 images of child p–nography.”

Loveland PD Stan Romanek arrest

Loveland PD Stan Romanek arrest


Romanek is notorious for his claims that he was abducted by aliens, suffered ET experimentation and a video in which he claims to show an alien at his window, went viral.

Romanek has been released on $20,000 bond and must not have any internet use as a condition of his bail.

Romanek’s wife Lisa posted a number of Facebook messages in which she blames hackers, and harassment as a cause of the arrest.  She describes unauthorized access to their home computers among other issues.

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