FBI Bank Crime Statistics Released

This is fascinating – did you know that most bank robberies are committed using a note on a piece of paper? The FBI has released bank crime stats (they happen to be for 2011) but still well worth a look at.

Bank Crime in the USA

In 2011, $45,000,000 was stolen from banks in America and only $9,000,000 recovered.

Most bank robberies occur early, between 9-11am…so cancel that early morning trip to the bank. However, the least bank crime takes place between 6pm-6am (4%) when the bank is usually closed…so don’t plan your visit for that time.  You will be safe but you won’t get inside.

How do criminals make their demand? The highest percentage, 31% is via a note passed to the bank teller. There were just under 3000 of these incidents in 2011. After this is oral demand at 28% followed by a weapon threat (something used to simulate a weapon but not necessarily a gun) then a firearm at only 13% (armed robbery is a whole different ball game when it comes to sentencing and clearly many bank robbers don’t want the extra time).

Updated: October 10, 2013 — 10:30 pm
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