America’s Hardest Prisons: Holman Correctional Facility

Welcome to Holman Correctional Facility in America’s deep south.

Years of overcrowding at this Maximum security prison have given rise to the title “Hardest prison in Alabama” – and one of America’s toughest.

866 Ross Road Atmore, AL 36503.

The Alabama Department of Corrections prison is located in unincorporated southwestern Escambia County, Alabama.

  • Opened in 1969
  • Named after a former warden, William C. Holman
  •  630 general population beds
  • 200 single cells
  • 168 death row cells
  • large number of life without parolev inmates.
  • death chamber is located at Holman, where all state executions are conducted.
  • other operations include a license plate plant and a metal fabrication plant.

Holman is a prime example of an American prison.  America’s prisons are often dangerous, deadly and crowded. There are two million people doing time. Every day, authorities have a battle to maintain order. For the prisoners, it’s a battle of survival.

Holman Correctional Facility, Warden Grantt Culliver

Holman Correctional Facility, Warden Grantt Culliver (previous).  Culliver is considered to have brought down violence and bad behavior.

Administrative segregation or ‘Ad Seg’ is home to roughly 200 inmates who are confined to their cells 23 hours a day.  Usually due to bad behavior among the main population The inmates can become angry, desperate and defiant.

Jammy Bell is serving 35 years for burglary. Outraged over unsanitary cell conditions he began to protest.

“I’m not going to let one individual disrupt one thousand, so if force is needed to remove you from one area to another, so be it” says Warden Grantt Culliver as he prepares to deal with a disruptive prisoner.

While some inmates serving life without parole may have no hope and no reason to behave, for others there is hope.  “The culture has changed because people have more hope” says Culliver.  Law changes mean that some life-without-parole offenders who had a non-violent history, may have their case reconsidered.  Now, some prisoners have a reason to behave and control their violent behavior.

The prison opened in December 1969 and had a capacity of 520 inmates with a 20 person Death Row block.

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